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High Jump Coaching,
in London

From age 12 upwards, learn to high jump or take your jumping to the next level with London High Jump. It is Lead by Grant Brown, an experienced performance coach qualified through UK Athletics. London High Jump is a collection of training groups in the Greater London area, training in the Evenings and on Weekends.

A man jumping a high jump bar

What is high jump?

High jump is one 26 events in the sport of athletics (track and field). You run and then jump (off one foot) over a horizontal bar placed at measured heights, landing on a crash mat. High jump is famous for the Fosbury flop, where you go backwards over the bar.

Similar to pole vault (but without the pole!) high jump athletes are allowed three attempts to clear each height. The winner is the person who clears the highest bar. When two or more athletes finish on the same bar, the winner is the person with the least failures.

A girl jumping over a high jump bar

Why try high jump?

When you get it right, you'll feel like you're flying

A plane
A bouncing jumping person

Varied training that isn't just running

A rhino

You'll know you can jump over a car... or a rhino

Repeat once sign

You can get better doing it once a week (or less)

Clapping hands

It's the best event to watch in athletics

Basketball dunk

It helps your skills for basketball, volleyball, football, rugby & more 

A man coaching high jump

Lead Coach: Grant Brown

  • Coaching high jump since 2012 

  • Spent 7 years coaching at Loughborough University (The best athletics University in the UK).

  • BSc in Sport Science and MSc in Psychology

  • Level 3 Personal Training Certificate

  • A full-time coach - available for in-person coaching throughout the day.


From the beginning of his coaching journey Grant was fortunate to be mentored by internationally successful coaches. Grant has coached and been assistant coach to GB, English, Scottish and Welsh international athletes – including two national record holders. While working for Loughborough University, Grant coached more than 10 athletes to British University Championship medals. 

Grant coaches all ability levels, from beginners to international standard athletes. In 2024 one of Grant's athletes - Tom Hewes - jumped 2.18m to win the British Indoor Championships. While often training with other adults, Tom would also regularly train with 12-14 year olds with very little experience in the sport. The London High Jump group atmosphere allows for both high performance and enjoyment.


This stems from Grant’s core philosophy, consisting of 3 key elements: safety, fun and performance.


Alongside coaching athletes, Grant also mentors numerous developing high jump coaches on all aspects of the event. This includes working with parent/coach and athlete pairings simultaneously.


"Having been coached and interacted with many different jumps coaches, Grant's approach is rivalled by very few. His holistic, personal and research-based coaching allows for constant learning from both himself and those he coaches.


Most importantly, however, he ensures enjoyment from training which is essential for both mind and body when it comes to motivation and improvement in the sport."

Tom Hewes, British Indoor High Jump Champion 2024

Services and Locations

Regular training in-person

London High Jump logo

We offer:

  • 121 sessions

  • 221 sessions

  • Group sessions (6 athletes max)

At the following locations:

For prices, please contact us

We have an online booking spreadsheet with all the timings/locations for each session available in advance.

These locations are selected due to 1) having an indoor facility and 2) the travel distance for coach Grant.

Our minimum age is usually 11. We can accept younger athletes if they are particularly tall or coordinated.

Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 18.28.04.png

Other core services

  • Schools/Athletics clubs - tutorial sessions

    • (Within 90 mins travel of N7 (Islington))

  • Online Coaching:

    • Video Analysis

    • Training programmes

    • Regular calls - for training and/or technique

    • Live virtual/remote high jump training

  • Coach mentoring - teaching other coaches about high jump:

    • In-person

    • Online

We encourage you to contact us with any request you might have. We would love to hear from you!

Interactive map of our training locations

Contact Us

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Grant Brown

Email: gd_brown2 ('at' sign)

Phone: +44(0)_7598_798_693

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